Meet the Cast



JASON CAVALLONE (Mike) was officially bitten by the acting bug at the age of 15, where it proceeded to crawl inside him, lay eggs, and nest, leaving him irrevocably altered from the person he previously had been. After that the bug forced him to do its bidding and find new ways to express himself on stage.

First appearing in a student written/directed one-act centering on a group therapy session for troubled teens, Jason found his life on stage. It gave him new worlds to explore and many new people, both real and imaginary, to meet. Eventually he would take to creating his own worlds and have those real people he met step in to become the imaginary ones.

Since that fateful day in his sophomore year of high school, Jason has performed in well over fifty shows and numerous other productions, many of which he did not write. Some of these include: Antonio Salieri (Amadeus), Man-in-Chair (The Drowsy Chaperone), Stage Manager (Our Town), Uncle Peck (How I Learned to Drive), Roat (Wait Until Dark), Hunter Bell ([title of show]), Barry Klemper (The Boys Next Door), Limping Man (Fuddy Meers), Mr. Marmalade (Mr. Marmalade), Roger Hopewell (The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940), Ferris Layman (The Diviners), and Renfield (Dracula).

Though the bug may have taken control of him, forcing him into a world of art and creativity, this is one parasite Jason is glad to have festering in his brain.



PAIGE RUNGE (Jo) has been acting since she was three years old when she would put Mary Poppins into the VHS player, press play, and go sit in her room and wait for her entrance. When Mary Poppins entered the Banks Household, Paige made her entrance as well and became the illustrious nanny for the rest of the film.

Since her early days as Mary Poppins, Paige has been in many shows. Some of her favorite roles include Doralee in 9 to 5, Constanze in Amadeus, Susan in [title of show], Kitty in The Drowsy Chaperone, Bernice Roth in The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, The Fairy Godmother in Cinderella, and Effie Cherry in The Cherry Sisters Revisited.

Paige would to thank her parents for encouraging her to pursue acting and not telling her she would have been better off getting her degree in science or business, Paul for his support and daily self-esteem boosts, and Melissa, Jason, and all of the cast and crew for this great experience.



JERICO WHITAKER (Man) “If you build a man a fire, he’ll be warm for an hour. If you light a man on fire, he’ll be warm for the rest of his life…”

What kind of mind would contain sage wisdom such as this, and who would that mind belong to? It would belong to a man who sees the world through the eyes of someone born in the mountains, raised in a sea of corn, and came into his own in the heart of mid-Missouri. This man has lived hundreds of fascinating lives, both in real life and through the many different characters he has played on stage. These lives and the events within them have molded him into someone that can only be described (and has only been described) as one of a kind.

Fluent in sim-speak, minion, and ewok, as well as having an unfathomable working knowledge of Nickelodeon cartoons, he has won the hearts of his niece and nephew, earning the titles “Best Uncle In The World,” “The Baby Whisperer,” and “…Weird…”

When not playing superhero to 8 year olds, this mild mannered eccentric can be found playing a modern day Mad Man (in the John Hamm sense, not the crazy sense, or the blatantly alcoholic sense…) at an ad agency here in Kansas City.

Fun facts: He has no belly button, he invented “the Random Fall,” he is a firm believer that vegetables are “what food eats,” and his hands starred in an episode of “The Ghost Adventures”. He believes in being challenged, to becoming a better person today than he was yesterday.

In addition to wanting to be a person of value to the people that he cares about, one of his greatest ambitions is to be the next Doctor, but being the Doctor’s next companion would be an adequate substitute. In his customary button-up shirt, tie, blue jeans, lightsaber in one hand and a sonic screwdriver in the other, this intrepid hero runs around acting a fool for the betterment of (or amusement for) his friends, family, and anyone willing to buy a ticket to one of his shows.



CHERYL METZ (Woman) is so honored to have been asked to perform again in The List. She played the role of Woman in the premiere on The Talking Horse Theatre stage in Columbia, Mo., and is thrilled to know that The List is showing again in The Fringe Festival here in KC.

She has her bachelors of fine arts in theatre arts from Stephens College and has previously directed and coached in conjunction with children’s theatres in the KC area for more than a decade.

Cheryl’s résumé includes other original productions, such as actor in Unit 602 (Marsha), and director of I’m Not My Father.