Thank the Crew

JESSI GREENJESSI GREEN (Stage Manager) abides. Emoji’s are her preferred means of communication. Her life thus far: 🏠⛪🏠👧, 😢🌏, 👧 –> 🕛 🚃 –> 🌄– Translation: Just a small town girl, livin’ in a lonely world. She took the midnight train going anywhere. . . . Okay, so maybe those are Journey lyrics. Truth is, her first language is scripted lines, her lifeblood is 👃🔖 (the smell of old books), and her family lives within the theatre community 🎭. If you need to know more, visit her blog. She will angst you up. The following depict her feelings on The List: ✨ 💑 😭 –Translation: A magical love story that makes her ugly-cry. Enjoy!


ALEJANDRA FERRER MENDAROZQUETAALEJANDRA FERRER MENDAROZQUETA (Development/Marketing Intern) Hello there! Hello there! Her name is Alejandra but everybody calls her Alex because it is easier to remember and easier to pronounce.

Alex is originally from Palma de Mallorca, Spain, a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea. She came to the States because she got a golf scholarship at William Woods University. Next fall she will be a senior, graduating with a business degree with a double concentration in marketing & advertising and management information systems.

Alex loves being at William Woods and she feels really blessed to have had this opportunity to come to the States and do what she loves most: golf and learning a new language and culture. Alex loves to travel and get to know new cultures and people. She loves going to the beach with friends and family, listening to music, making cover versions of songs that mean something to her friends, designing websites, and going out for a nice meal with her family.

Alex feels so blessed to have such supportive parents. Even when she got the internship to fundraise for The List to go to the KC Fringe Festival, her parents were happy and proud of her, even if it meant not seeing her this summer.

Being part of this production is something that will not only benefit Alex towards her GPA and class requirements, but it will also give her a taste of what the real world looks like after graduation, and it will allow her to accomplish goals that she probably would have never thought about, not only professionally but also personally.